Committed to providing integrated container solutions


With advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities and a complete procurement system, no matter what kinds of products and services the customers need, Changsu is able to quickly offer to our customers with a comprehensive solution and at a reasonable price and enables them to enjoy the ideal product support in a simple way.

Changsu offers the overall container purchasing solution:


Lower the procurement cost: Changsu’s integrated container solution will lower your procurement costs in all aspects, reducing the procurement cost by more than 30%. The cost advantage has been widely praised by industry customers.
Efficient services: Changsu container solution guarantees that you can get efficient and attentive services by our advanced system, such as calls and online order, no matter when and where you are.

Changsu is your choice for customized plastic hollow product, Functional hollow products, customization, high-quality products, focus leads to success:

Role Model of Comprehensive Strength in the Industry
Role Model of Brand Influence in the Industry
Role Model of Manufacturing Capacity in the Industry
Role Model of R&D Capability in the Industry

One-stop customized services, effectively influence the stakeholders inside and outside the company and strengthen the identification and communication of the enterprise brand.

Professional: Changsu has complete integrated product lines, and manufacturing and brand management capabilities.
Efficient: from inquiry, negotiation to delivery, Changsu has professional staff to communicate with the customers throughout the process and coordinate resources within the factory to ensure timely delivery to customers.
Easy: As our customer, you just need to specify your requirements and provide us the basic information, and Changsu will complete all the work for you from product design, manufacturing to safe transportation. It’s very easy for our customers. 

Technical Consulation:
Changsu also provides customer with professional technical and price consulation. Quickly respond to any questions that customer concern about.

Inspection Reception:
Changsu sincerely welcome customers to visit our company at anytime. We provide customer with any convenient conditions such as catering and transportation.