The company has a strict quality assurance system, and achieved the certification of ISO9001: 2015 quality management system. It is the first manufacturer in China to obtain a license for the production of plastic containers for food.

Product Production Process

Sub-die closed → pre-clamping die → supporting rod closed, lower blowing → extruding parison → supporting material opening → fast die closing and slow die closing → low-pressure blowing and mold closing, high-pressure mold locking, high-pressure blowing → downward blowing and upward punching incision → deflation → primary micro-mold opening → downward blowing needle micro-pumping → secondary micro-mold opening → sub-mold opening → rapid mold opening → slow mold opening, final mold opening → downward blowing, product taking out → operator trimming, self-inspection → quality control personnel sampling → sorting out and full inspection, packaging and warehousing