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200 Liter Plastic Drum

Plastic drum/barrel/Jerry can/closed-top plastic drum/single-ring plastic drum/double-ring plastic drum 200L for Chemical and petroleum with Dangerous packing certificate-quality license for exporting dangerous goods packing containers and UN certification

The plastic drum for Chemical, Changzhou plastics factory Co., Ltd is Specializing in the production of plastic drums for packages of chemical. We strictly control the raw materials, production environment and personnel, and the production process is under strict control. The product testing requirements are higher than national standards. Facing the new situation and tendency, Changzhou plastics adheres to the core values of “normative, green, innovative and leading” and strives to build the excellent brand of plastic hollow packaging industry.

The company has strong technical strength, rich production experience, advanced production equipment, with self-developed production capacity, the company can manufacture a variety of products according to customer’s different needs.

200 Liter Plastic Drum & Technical Parameter


Article No.



Perfusion Caliber(mm)


Raw Material

Production Process


Yuan Hang

200L single ring plastic drum






one-piece blow molding

Blue/Customer designated

Yuan Hang

200L double L-ring plastic drum






one-piece blow molding

Blue/Customer designated

200 Liter Plastic Drum & Technical Parameter

Properties of the plastic drum 200l

(1) Washing resistance, wear resistance and long life;

(2) Weather resistance, heat resistance and sunlight resistance;

(3) Good compatibility or processability with the substrates;

(4) Safe and harmless to health, with no pollution to the environment;

(5) Qualified brand new material products, uniform wall thickness, non-toxic, tasteless, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good anti-swelling and sealing performance, anti-impact and strong practicability.

plastic drum 200l

200 Liter Plastic Drum & Advantages

(1)Complete qualifications and trustworthy;

(2)Exquisite workmanship: Advanced one-piece molding technology ensures product toughness;

(3)Quality assurance: Strict process control to ensure the product's acid and alkali resistance and drop and compression resistance;

(4)Strict material selection: Strictly control the quality of raw materials, use qualified higher than food-grade HDPE, and add no harmful substances;

(5)Reasonable distribution of wall thickness;

(6)The drum mouth is smooth and the workmanship is meticulous;

(7)Clean production environment reflects our professionalism;

(8)High-quality and experienced R&D team;

(9)Complete quality control and testing system.

Plastic drum manufactures & Technical Support:

(1)Infrared spectrum identification: it should be consistent with the reference spectrum;

(2)Density identification: the density of the bucket is within the specified range of value;

(3)Drop test: ambient temperature -18℃, treatment time: 24hours, drop height: 1.5m, no rupture;

(4)Seal test: Not less than 20Kpa, keep the pressure for 5 minutes without leakage.;

(5)Hydraulic test: keep at a constant hydraulic pressure of 100Kpa for 30 minutes and there shall be no leakage and rupture;

(6)Stacking test: stack up in an environment with a temperature of 40℃ and under loading a specified weight for 28 days without any collapse and deformation.

200 Liter Plastic Drum & Certificate

(1)Drug packing certificate-registration certificate for pharmaceutical packing materials and containers of the people's republic of china;

(2)Food QS certificate-national production license for industrial products (plastic containers for food);

(3)Dangerous packing certificate-quality license for exporting dangerous goods packing containers.

200 Liter Plastic Drum & Product Instructions

1.Unfilled liquids shall be tested for at least 6 months.

2.Do not contain substances that react with the drum or severely weaken the drum.

3.The temperature of filling liquid should not be higher than 60℃. The screw lid shall be screwed after filling liquid is cooled to normal temperature, with a torque of 25N • m ~ 30N • m being appropriate.

4.Before tightening the lid, check whether the sealing ring is installed in place and whether it falls off. When screwing the lid, aim at thread teeth to avoid leakage at drum mouth caused by slipping thread after wrong thread.

5.Liquid containing gas should adopt a closed lid of exhaust and tighten as required.

6.When the drum is filled with liquid, there must be enough space capacity.

7.When stacking drums, the internal liquid should be cooled to room temperature before proceeding stack.

8.Avoid dropping during transportation and use, and avoid collision with hard sharp objects.

9.Drums should be stored in a clean, dry, well-ventilated, flat floor warehouse, and the storage temperature of the drums is ≤40℃.

10.The storage life of the drum is 2 years from the production date.

11.The inner container should be packed in a suitable outer packaging. The outer packaging must not have any protruding parts that will scratch the inner container.

12.When filling, it is necessary to prevent the internal liquid from splashing and harming the operators.

13.Stacking and storage

(1)The drums packed with goods shall be stacked with double-sided flat pallets, with the pallet size no more than 1.3m. Each pallet shall be stacked with a maximum of one layer, and the number of stacked drums depends on the pallet size. The edge of the drum shall not exceed the edge of the pallet. The drums on the pallet shall be stacked symmetrically, so that the center of gravity of the whole pallet and its upper drum is located in the center of the pallet.

(2)The drums stacked on the pallets shall be packed and fixed with winding film. During packing, the drums should avoid squeezing or deformed with the deformation below 3%. After packing, the number of stacking layers of the pallets shall not exceed 2. When stacking, the upper and lower layers shall be aligned so that the weight of the upper layer is evenly applied to the lower layer. The ground of the stacking place shall be flat and in a horizontal position.

14.Loading and transportation

   For long-distance transportation while loading dangerous articles:

(1)Pallets shall be used for stacking, and the size of pallets shall not be more than 1.3m, while the edge of drums shall not exceed the edge of pallets.

The receptacles shall be loaded into container or vehicle. The upper and lower layers shall be aligned during stacking to prevent stacking from skewing and instability. The container or vehicle shall have a rigid enclosure and fence at least the same height as the container to prevent the drum from tipping.

200 Liter Plastic Drum

200 Liter Plastic Drum & Display

Plastic drum 200l & Elegant appearance

good-looking and elegant drum line, food-grade HDPE as raw materials, one-piece molding after blow molding process, better than the industry standards

Address: No. 23 Longhui Road, South District, Wujin High-tech Development Zone, Changzhou

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