Company Overview/profile


Changzhou Plastic Factory Co., Ltd. Established in 1958, is the chair enterprise of hollow products committee in CPPIA (China Plastics Processing Industry Association), the Deputy director enterprise of plastic packing committee in CPF (China Packaging Federation), and Member of CNPPA (China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association). In our company, the history of blowing plastic production is long, the equipment is great and the technology and skills are strong. There is a project and technology research center of hollow blowing plastic of Changzhou city and there are around 10 thousand tons of product being producing every year in our company. Among which the market share of high-density polyethylene plastic drums for raw material pharmaceutical is on top of the industry around the nation.

Our company was awarded as the excellent enterprise of plastic hollow container industry during the eleventh five-year plan by plastic packing committee in CPF (China Packaging Federation); in October 2012, our company was awarded as the top 20 enterprise among Chinese plastic packing industry from 2011 to 2012; in 2012, our company was identified as “private scientific and technological enterprise in Jiangsu province”; in 2014, polyethylene plastic drums for food packing and high-density polyethylene plastic drums for raw material medicine are authorized as high and new technology products by Jiangsu provincial science and technology department respectively.

● packing container: HDPE blowing plastic drum of 5 liter to 1000 liter; all sizes of PE bag in box. They can be broadly used for

(1) raw material medicine, medical adjuvant;

(2) intermediate object for chemical industry and medicine;

(3) packing for grain oil, food, flavors, condiment and so on.

● Special-shaped hollow

(1) all kinds of automobile air pipe, air duct, ABS spoilers;

(2) bus seats, venue seats and stadium seats; transport equipment for public roads like anti-dazzle board; (3) all kinds of board, bed stead, toys, water injecton poster stand, basketball stand, travelling equipment and so on.

Pharmaceutical Packing Workshop

Changzhou Plastic Factory Co., Ltd. specializes in producing plastic drums for raw material pharmaceutical packing and has more than ten years history since 2004. We have independent production capacities embodying the GMP standards for pharmaceutical and medical products. Our company builds more than 3000 square meters production factory based on the new version of GMP (National medicine packaging material standard), among which there are 2000 square meters purification area and five production units. The sizes of our products are complete and accepted by customers in this industry. There is also specialized inspection room in our company.

Purification workshop uses air-conditioning purification system, the standard of purification in workshop reaches D level (100 thousand level), and there are sterilizing room, bacteria inspection room and physicochemical room and so on. All the products are produced according to the standard quality required by National drug packaging material standard and they are broadly used for packing raw material medicine, medical adjuvant and medical intermediate.



We have a diverse range of products with a wide variety of specifications for your choice.

We are able to meet customers' different demands by virtue of a diverse product mix and production and supporting experience and capacity of various kinds of blow molded products.

We have accumulated rich technological skills with up to 62 years of production experience of hollow articles.

We have complete inspection facilities with all-included product test capacity for dangerous chemicals packaging containers, food grade plastic packaging containers and pharmaceutical packaging of raw materials, except for undue toxicity inspection.

We are committed to offering our customers first-rate services such as complete ordering consultation and advice service, product instructions and problem-solving guidance service, after-sales follow-up service.

We provide inclusive products covering wrappers and containers of hazardous chemicals; We are qualified in manufacturing products such as plastic package, containers and tools of food grade and at the same time are equipped with manufacturing shops for producing pharmaceutical packaging of raw materials.

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